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Why a Certified Financial Planner™

In Ireland today there are currently over 13,000 Qualified Financial Advisers. A QFA is the minimum standard that the Central Bank will expect those advising clients on their personal finances to achieve to perform their duties adequately.

In Ireland today there are currently only 226 Certified Financial Planners ™. A CFP® is a prestigious international financial planning designation granted to those financial planning professionals who have undertaken a series of educational requirements and constant professional development.

Dealing with a Certified Financial Planner ™ Professional ensures that you will be dealing with someone with an ability to deliver advanced financial planning reporting using the most advanced financial planning techniques.

A CFP® must maintain a high standard of technical competence, fair dealing and absolute honesty in addition to adhering to a financial code of ethics with every client.

Nick Lawlor, as a fully independent CFP®, can deliver on the most basic of financial requests to the most advanced financial planning queries. Nick offers his clients an advanced level of pension, mortgage and insurance knowledge, full independence and absolute honesty.

You work hard enough for your money; make sure you get the best possible advice when it comes to how to make it work hard for you. 

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Nick has a vast expertise in financial planning and I couldn't believe we could tap into this whenever we needed him without it costing us a penny. He really listened to what our family needed, then presented us with the best and most cost effective products. He saved us money, simple as that. He's an easy guy to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

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I launched my business in 2011 following several years working in the financial services industry with the single aim of trying to deliver fair, honest and independent financial planning advice to individuals and companies. Read More

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