Smart Money Seminars

Nick has over 10 years’ experience delivering information seminars to various audiences on all matters financial. A Smart Money Seminar is an opportunity for employers to assist their staff by providing them with important and independent financial advisory session designed to help them financially, now and in the future.

For the Employer

  • Provides a direct link to improving the take home pay of your employees.
  • Enhances and supplements your existing staff benefits.
  • Generates a feel good factor between you and your staff for attempting to assist them financially.

For the Employee

  • Highlights independently areas within personal finances that could be improved upon.
  • Helps individuals to identify how to avoid financial pitfalls by showing you solutions in advance of issues arising.
  • Provides staff with access to a Certified Financial Planner ™ professional.
  • Provides staff with the opportunity to discuss personal financial issues in absolute confidence in subsequent 1 – 1 meetings. 
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Next Steps

What our clients say

Last year I relocated to Ireland after 10 years working in France. My financial status needed to be totally re-established without fuss and delay. Lawlor Financial Planning laid out a clear path that was completed in three months. The programme saved me both time and money allowing me re-start professional services immediately.

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I launched my business in 2011 following several years working in the financial services industry with the single aim of trying to deliver fair, honest and independent financial planning advice to individuals and companies. Read More

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